The Optimal Trust Survey:
Below is a sample of an Optimal Trust Survey.

In this example, the Survey i
s used to query the clients of a Financial Advisor. A real-time analysis is provided measuring Levels of Trust

Optimal Trust Survey

Below is a sample of an Optimal Trust Survey that provides real-time analysis of a Financial Advisor's Optimal Trust Quotient. In this model, this survey would be sent to all of the Advisors' clients.

Scroll down to the second section to see the results.


Below we are looking at the Optimal Trust Grid which is a real-time evaluation of the Levels of Trust from a Financial Advisor's clients. It is a real time analysis giving the Advisors detailed information on the status their clients' Trust in them personally, in the firm, and in the financial sector in general.  


We then can see a summary of the results that provide a roadmap on  to building and maintaining trust.

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